Our Community

Downtown Greensprings

Most of the residents who live in the Pinehurst School District are small woodlot homeowners who work in Ashland or Klamath Falls, telecommute, have jobs in local businesses or have retired in this community. The community is made up of several organizations, businesses and agencies — besides the Pinehurst School — which all are empowered by local residents cooperating for the common good.

Rowlett Plaque
The Pinehurst School Board erected this plaque in early January 2018 to commemorate the dedication of this building as the Don and Jean Rowlett Annex.

Greensprings Fire and Rescue

Cascade Siskiyou National Monument 

Pinehurst Airport 

Green Springs Inn and Cabins 

New Frontier Ranch 

The Oregon Extension of Eastern Mennonite University 

Hyatt Lake Restaurant and Resort 

Hyatt Lake Campgrounds

Howard Prairie Resort

Mountain View Christian Church 

Properties For Sale?

School administrators, Sam and Holly, attempt to keep informed of all possible sales or rentals available in our district.  Call the school at 541-482-1910 or Email Holly and we will gladly tell you what we know.  Most sales are through local realtors in Ashland, but it is good to check with us about places that are not actively in contract but which may be available.