Pinehurst Story

Pinehurst School is proud to offer our students individualized programs in art, music, theater, STEAM, and hands-on outdoor education all aligned with Common Core Curriculum standards. Supplements to our educational program are funded by the Pinehurst School Foundation and supported by passionate volunteers.

Pinehurst School’s mission is to foster intellectual curiosity and skills that empower our students to be life-long learners. Our respectful school culture enriches student experiences, enabling them to honor themselves, and learn about, appreciate and respect different cultures, religions, races, sexes and generations.

Pinehurst School District has been serving the families of the Greensprings community since its inception in 1908. It is one of the smallest, unconsolidated school districts in the state. Pinehurst School is known for its small class sizes, excellent teacher to student ratio, and holistic teaching methods. The success of the school is founded upon the work of our dedicated teachers, our caring staff and the generosity of our supportive community.

Our culture video can be viewed below and gives a little window into how special Pinehurst School is for our students and families.