Common Core (Language Arts and Math)

The Common Core

We put most of our energy–and design our learning day– toward helping each child master the academic skills required by the Oregon Department of Education and the federal Department of Education, from whom we receive funding as a public school. We see Common Core as a sensible outline of topics and skills which students need to master to become well-functioning, life-long learners.  Our faculty is trained to help each child meet and–we hope–exceed the Common Core standards in math and English language arts.  Our efforts have paid off with our rating among the top 5% of schools in Jackson County and in the top 10% in Oregon.  Nevertheless, while the Common Core is necessary, it is not sufficient.

The Human Core

In numerous immeasurable ways we model and explore with our small learners the fundamentals of literacy, thinking, questioning, creating, calculating, writing, speaking, public presentation skills, physical fitness, health, citizenship, computer skills, listening