PSD Breaking News…

The Pinehurst School District has just received word that the Ashland school district received a waiver from the federal government to continue serving FREE MEALS to ALL children, ages 1- 18, through December 31, 2020. This includes all Greensprings families attending Pinehurst!

Any adult can pick up meals for children at Pinehurst Monday – Friday from 11:30am -12:00pm. A bus will deliver meals to the Pinehurst School parking lot, similar to how things worked early in the summer.

The meal will be brought in for the current Pinehurst students but if you have another child/ren at home you will need to come and pick up the meal/s as we do not have the ability to refrigerate the meals once arrived.

It is still very important to fill out the application for free or reduce meals . This can help the school district with classroom funding and it can help families with certain utilities and other benefits. If you are currently a Pinehurst student and have not yet filled out your application please download/print and return to the Pinehurst School office by email, fax or call to arrange drop off. Click to download the form.

We apologize for not having a menu available. We spoke with the kitchen staff and it is impossible to put a menu together. Due to COVID, ordering and supplies have not been consistent and thus meal planning for the future is quite difficult and changes regularly. They are hoping for an October menu which can be found (eventually) on the nutrition services homepage for the Ashland School District website.

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Questions or adjustments contact Desiree Elder