The Pinehurst School Foundation hosts a number of events each year to help raise funds for the school. They often partner with the Greensprings Fire and Rescue volunteers to hold dinners, raffles, dances and other events and then the mutually supportive organizations share the profits.


The annual Pinehurst Winterfest occurs the first Saturday of December at the Green Springs Inn Forest Room. Neighbors supply and we sell homemade gifts; fresh cut Christmas trees, handmade evergreen centerpieces and wreaths, wonderful fresh baked goods, jams, soaps, lotions as well as hosting local musicians and Santa Claus. Guests enjoy tasty snacks, espresso drinks, hot chocolate, raffle and wine tasting.

Homecoming Spring Dinner

Homecoming Spring Dinner features a meal prepared by the staff of the Green Springs Inn and served to all comers by students and alums of our district. Neighbors pack all three dining rooms, have a great meal, listen to the kids perform some music and enjoy seeing how the middle schoolers and high school kids have grown and changed.

Labor Day Weekend Yard Sale

Greensprings neighbors horde “treasures” all year long and then we all haul them down to a home on Siskiyou Boulevard close to downtown Ashland for our Labor Day Weekend Pinehurst Yard Sale.